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Published: December 03, 2021

3 Ways to Improve Organizational Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration


Organisational knowledge sharing is the process of transferring undocumented and documented information from one person to another within the work environment.

Sharing knowledge is vital, as it increases productivity and empowers employees to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. By giving employees access to verbal and written company insights, resources and expertise, they can work faster and smarter.

Digital ways of sharing knowledge and collaborating with team members has become more important than ever. People need to communicate and learn from each other online, which has created more demand for effective collaboration tools. 

File sharing platforms have also become a key part of this, as you have to be able to share and access documents and edit them together in real time. 

Knowing what software you need is only part of the solution. One of the most effective ways your organization can unlock the benefits of knowledge sharing is through embedding it within your culture. Here are three ways to improve knowledge sharing in your organization.