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Collaborate with Circles

Your Circle in Lumin is a group of people. It could be your whole organization, a small team, a classroom or even a family group. It’s anyone you need to collaborate with regularly.

When you sign up with Lumin you'll be asked to create a Circle, give it a name and add members. If you'd prefer to work alone, you don't have to add anyone.

By creating a Circle in Lumin, you can:

  • View insights into how your company or department is collaborating on documents
  • Create Teams within your Circle to segment groups and projects
  • Tag Circle members where you need their input, or ask them to eSign on the cyber line
  • Share documents Circle-wide in just a few clicks
  • Upload fillable templates and forms
  • Create folders to store crucial company documents, policies and more
  • Use Lumin’s suite of tools to annotate PDF documents and work together in real time.

Circles are completely free to set up and use, but if you want to unlock our full suite of editing features, you’ll want to consider a Business or Enterprise plan.

Discover more about setting up and working with Circles in our Help Center.

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eSign and send

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