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Advanced editing tools

Go further with page tools

Split, merge or reorder pages from a document all from the Lumin viewer. While you’re in Document editing mode, hit ‘Page Tools’ in your toolbar (top right) to manipulate your document, merge it with another file or split to create multiple documents from one. Simply drag and drop pages to rearrange them and get your documents how you want them. 

Discover Lumin Tools

Go beyond basic editing and unlock advanced PDF features. With Lumin on your team, you can unlock PDFs, compress files for sending, convert Word docs to PDFs, use OCR and more over on Lumin Tools, a sub-site of Lumin.

Lumin Tools is completely free to use but is currently housed on a separate site to make room for these features. You’ll need to create an account to get started.

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Lumin and Google Drive


Lumin and Google Drive

Integrate with Google Drive and work seamlessly between Google and Lumin. Our range of tools are designed to feel like second nature.

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