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How to Compress a PDF and Reduce File Size

With Lumin you can easily compress a PDF online in a few clicks. Reduce PDF size and share your file via email easily. Check out this guide to find how to do it. 

Steps to compress PDF online with Lumin PDF

To compress PDF's with Lumin PDF, without losing quality, just follow these four steps

  1. Upload your file to our PDF compressor.
  1. Our tool will automatically start to shrink the file.
  2. Continue to modify your PDF document if needed.
  3. Download the compressed PDF file to your computer.
  4. You can now access the compressed file and share with others via email!

Why use Lumin PDF: Disadvantages of ZIP

ZIP is a common compression method, but it has several disadvantages:

  • If one piece of data is corrupted when compressing using ZIP, the entire data can be corrupted.
  • Transferring ZIP files between people increases chance of corruption
  • ZIP is slower than Lumin PDF
  • No user-friendly interface

Benefits of Using Our Free PDF Converter

With Lumin PDF you have the following benefits:

  • Fast conversion and compression
  • Easy to use interface
  • Online and offline functionality
  • Efficient PDF editing software
  • Integrated with other tools

Compress your files now with Lumin PDF!


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