How to Share PDF Files Online For Free

Sharing PDF files online is a crucial feature of the document format. This guide will show you: 

  • The best ways to share a PDF file online
  • How to send PDFs as links in email, social media and other platforms 
  • How to share large PDF files 

How to Share a PDF as a Link

  1. Open the PDF in Lumin  
  2. Click on the Three Dots (Options) icon 
  3. Click Share to manage access and permissions 
  4. Add names or email addresses of people who you want to share the file with 
  5. Set the permission parameters (viewer-only, editor-only, etc) 
  6. Click Done 

The intended recipients will then receive an email with the PDF link in the message. 

How to Send PDF to Email

Users can also send email invitations via Lumin to other users to access a PDF file. To do this, users need to: 

  1. Open the PDF file in the Lumin browser 
  2. Click on the Three Dots and make a copy of the document link 
  3. Attach the link to an email or work chat 
  4. In the Share Menu, users can also enter the emails of colleagues to whom they want to give access as well as determine the access parameters 

Users who receive an email invitation to open the document need to only click Open Document in the email message. 

How to Send PDF in Messengers and Social Networks

The easiest way to share or send a PDF via social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) is by: 

  1. Opening the file in the Lumin browser 
  2. Clicking on the Three Dots 
  3. Copying the link of the file 
  4. Attaching it to your personal Facebook feed or sending the link as a message through Messenger 

The same steps can be taken to share a PDF file via any social media platform, although some platforms, like Instagram, may have different permissions and access parameters.  

How to share a PDF on Facebook

  1. Open their browser to Facebook 
  2. Find the contact or contacts with whom they want to share their file
  3. Once selected, they can open the dialog box and click on the paperclip icon to open their local drive
  4. Users can search for the file on their drive and click
  5. The PDF will be uploaded to the message box where users can then click send.

How to Share PDF in Google Services

The way to share a PDF on Google Drive is similar to the ways that users send other Google files through Workspace. Steps: 

  1. Locate the PDF file they want to share in the Google Drive account
  2. When selected, they can click the Share button that appears at the top-right-hand corner
  3. From there, they can enter the names or emails of the people they want to give access to as well as select the permission level of the file
  4. Once selected, they can simply click Done to send the file with all its permissions

How to Share Large PDF Files

  1. Upload their large files to the Lumin browser 
  2. Open the Compress tab on the toolbar 
  3. Select the PDFs that you want to compress 
  4. Once selected, the files will automatically be compressed 

Once compressed, users can then send email invitations to other users or copy and send the link. 


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