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Lumin GuideOverview

👋 Overview

Users can secure their PDF files with a password. But when the password is lost or forgotten, users can also follow these simple steps to unlock, print or edit them again. This guide will show users how to: 

  1. Remove passwords from PDF files 
  2. Print a secured PDF
  3. Edit a secured PDF 
  4. What to Do if You Forgot Your PDF Password 

How to Remove a Password From PDF

To remove a password from a PDF file using Lumin, users need to only: 

  1. Open the file in the Lumin browser 
  2. Click the Unlock PDF button
  3. Download the unlocked file into your drive or Lumin 

How to Print a Secured PDF

  1. Opening or downloading the secured file into the Lumin browser 
  2. Removing the password with the Unlock PDF button 
  3. Downloading or opening the unlocked file 
  4. Printing the file by pressing on the Printer icon in the Lumin browser 

How to Edit Secured PDF

Editing a secured PDF is only possible by first removing the password so that a user can open it. The basic steps for how to edit a locked PDF include: 

  1. Opening or downloading the locked PDF into the Lumin browser 
  2. Unlocking the PDF with the Unlock PDF function 
  3. Opening the unlocked PDF with the Lumin browser 
  4. Editing or changing the unlocked PDF with Lumin 

What to Do if You Forgot Your PDF Password

If users happens to forget PDF password, they can follow these simple steps to unlock it: 

  1. Open or download the file into the Lumin browser 
  2. Press or click the Unlock PDF button on the toolbar 
  3. Wait for the program to unlock the file 
  4. Open or download the unlocked file into the Lumin browser

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