How to Move PDF File

What is Lumin PDF?

Lumin is a software that offers handy tools for busy professionals who regularly work with PDF files. The main goal of the software is to eliminate tedious unproductive work with PDF files and replace them with efficient digital procedures. Lumin PDF replaces back-and-forth emailing, printing PDF forms by empowering users with e-signatures and taking content discussions directly to the document. 

Lumin PDF meets the needs of various users. It works well for individuals that want to bring work with PDF files to another level as well as with busy professionals for whom efficient work with PDF files is an absolute necessity. It also suits both small and medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprises. 

Lumin PDF allows you to always stay on the same page with your coworkers. You can use Lumin to share PDF files with your teammates via email or a sharable link. You can annotate PDF docs online and edit PDF files from any device: desktop, notebook, tablet, or mobile. You can use the PDF annotation tool to paint, draw, leave comments for the team, or change the layout or text of the PDF file. 

Accessing Lumin PDF is just a matter of a few clicks. You just need to connect Lumin PDF  to Google Drive and you’re all set. Now all your PDF files will be opened with Lumin PDF App by default. Collaborating on documents has never been easier.

Moving a file in 2 steps

You can move a file from your document list to the team document list or from a team document list to another team document list. If you want to move a file from the Individual document list, you have to be the owner of the document. Collaborators cannot move the document to another team. If you want to move a file from the Team document, you need to be the team owner or team member. Be aware that when you move a document to another team, you are transferring your ownership of that document.

1. Click on the vertical ellipses to the right of the document you’d like to move:

2. You will see a Move button if you have the right to move the file.


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