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Rearrange PDF Pages Online: Move, Reorder, Delete and Rotate

Lumin PDF offers users a number of different PDF organizing options. This guide will show users how to: 

  • Rotate PDFs
  • Rearrange PDF pages 
  • How to Extract Pages From a PDF 
  • How to Move a PDF File 
  • How to Delete Pages in a PDF 

How to Rotate PDF

There are two ways to rotate PDFs in Lumin. The first way to rotate PDFs in Lumin:


  1. Open the PDF in Lumin 
  2. Change the view to Grid View
  3. Hover the cursor over the page you want to flip 
  4. The half-circle icon will appear over the preview page
  5. Users can choose whichever direction to rotate the page 

The second way to rotate PDFs or flip PDFs with Lumin: 

  1. Open the PDF in the Lumin browser 
  2. Click on the Page Views button
  3. Browse the sidebar for the Page Manipulation options 
  4. Open the Rotate Pages menu 
  5. Enter the pages to be rotated separated by commas 
  6. Or enter the page range of pages to be rotated 
  7. Click on the semi-circle icon to rotate the pages 

How to Rearrange PDF Pages

The Page Manipulation sidebar also gives users the ability to change the order of pages in PDF. To rearrange the pages, users must: 

  1. Choose Move Page from the option in the Page Manipulation sidebar 
  2. Enter the page or pages they wish to move 
  3. Click Move 

The page will be automatically moved to its new position. Another way to reorder pages in a PDF by: 

  1. Opening the Grid View of the document 
  2. Selecting the page you want to move 
  3. Click and Hold to move the page to its new position 

How to Extract Pages From a PDF

Extract one page from a PDF by doing the following: 

  1. Open the Split/Extract option 
  2. Enter the list of pages to be extracted separated by a comma or dash
  3. Click Extract 

How to Delete Pages in a PDF

Users can remove pages from a PDF or delete PDFs pages from their file by doing the following: 

  1. Open the Delete Pages tab on the sidebar 
  2. Enter the pages (separated by commas if more than one) to be deleted 
  3. Click Delete 

Additional Features of Lumin PDF

The Page Manipulation feature of the Lumin browser also lets users: 

  1. Merge PDF
  2. Insert a blank page 
  3. Crop pages

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