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How to Sync PDF to Dropbox, Lumin Storage or Google Drive

How to Sync PDF File to Google Drive

📌 Note: This feature makes sense if you already use Google Drive and your PDF files are uploaded to Google Drive storage.

To sync your Google Drive and Lumin Storage, go to the main menu of your Google Drive.

  1. Click New
  2. Click More from the menu
  3. Click Connect more apps
  4. Enter Lumin in the search bar

Click Install to add Lumin PDF Google extension

Done! Now your Google Drive is synchronized and your PDF documents will automatically open in Lumin. You can open documents both from Google Drive and directly from Lumin storage.

Add comments, change pages order, make electronic signatures, chat with the team, make edits, fix mistakes in your PDF documents by going directly from Google Drive.

📌 Note: If you open a PDF file from Google Drive with Lumin, you may need to re-sync your accounts.

How to Sync PDF to Dropbox 

📌 Note: Sign into your Dropbox account before synchronization.

To synchronize PDF files from Dropbox to Lumin, open the Documents tab:

  1. Click on the red plus icon in the lower right corner
  2. Click on Dropbox icon
  3. On the pop-up window choose PDF files you need

Confirm sync

Now Lumin will display your PDF files from Dropbox with the Dropbox icon.

📌 Note: If you synchronized, but nothing happens, repeat these steps. If the file is still not added, pay attention to the pop-up window icon in the address bar of the browser. Perhaps your browser, antivirus, or ad blocker is blocking pop-ups. Adding Lumin and Dropbox to the list of allowed extensions will solve this problem.

To synchronize PDF files from Lumin to Dropbox, open file you need to sync:

  1. Click on Sync icon in the right upper corner
  2. Click on Dropbox
  3. Confirm sync — click Sync to Dropbox

Done! Now your PDF files in the Dropbox cloud are ready for viewing, sharing, and teamwork.

How to Sync Two PDF Files (Or More)

The only limit in the number of files you can upload with Lumin is the storage size of your account. We provide 10 GB of storage with the Personal subscription plan, while Professional plans offer unlimited personal storage. The Lumin team plans provide 10 GB per member. Large organizations can opt for the Enterprise package, which has no limits on storage.

Google and Dropbox will display the number of files with the PDF extension, so it’s up to you how much to upload.

Google Drive pop-up window

Google Drive pop-up window

Dropbox pop-up window

Dropbox pop-up window

📌 Note: Google Drive allows you 15 GB of free storage.

                 Dropbox allows you 2 GB of free storage.

Download as many files as you need with Lumin PDF. Check out our other Guides to learn more about Lumin tools.


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