How to Merge PDF Files

The simple task pf merging two PDFs often require a lot of effort, that's if you don’t have the right toolkit. Lumin makes document editing easy, providing users with convenience and flexibility for their everyday PDF merging needs.

Merge PDFs with Lumin

Lumin’s Merge tool gives you the ability to merge two PDF documents into one. Here's the step-by-step guide to merging PDFs with Lumin:

  1. Select your first file and upload it to the software
  2. Select Page Tools option from the tool bar.
  3. Click the Merge Documents dropdown in the left hand menu
  4. Upload your second file, the one you want to merge
  5. Enter the position you would like to insert the uploaded document, before or after a selected page number
  6. Select Merge
  7. Next, download the updated file and use it for your preference. 

Watch a step-by-step video guide here

What is Lumin?

Lumin PDF is a software that eliminates tedious unproductive work on PDF files with an easy-to-use digital editor. Lumin PDF removes manual tasks like back-and-forth emailing and printing PDF forms, by empowering users with e-signatures, and real-time discussions on PDF documents.

Why use Lumin?

Lumin PDF empowers users with a set of useful features for efficient work with PDF files:


When it comes to annotating PDF files, many users are limited in their options to perform annotation efficiently. Lumin PDF lets you annotate PDF docs online, using Mac or Windows or from an iPhone or Android Phone. You can also use Lumin PDF as a Google Drive extension and work comfortably with Google Docs, Google Sheets, and your PDF files. Using Lumin PDF you will be able to:

Page Manipulation

PDF pages often require adjustments, however,  you may not have reliable tools to perform these adjustments without unwanted hassle. Lumin PDF has many useful features to perform various PDF manipulations effectively:

  • Rotate Pages
  • Delete Pages
  • Change the order of pages in the PDF
  • Insert a blank page
  • Crop pages

Collaborate with your network

There is no need to go through the hassle of the back and forth editing to make small changes in the PDF document. Using Lumin PDF, you can communicate with your team members directly in the doc. Instead of wasting time sending forms and documents between team members or clients, you can use Lumin PDF for instant editing,real-time collaboration and faster results for your organization.

Lumin PDF provides users with online tools for smooth editing:


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