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Lumin desktop app

Say goodbye to pesky browser distractions and get straight to work with Lumin on your desktop – for no extra cost. You’ll find all the same features you know and love. Best of all, any changes you make in the desktop app will sync with your Lumin ecosystem so you can switch platforms and devices with ease.

When you're working with our desktop app, you can add Lumin as your default file handler and open files in your favourite editor in just two swift clicks. Alternatively, right-click any PDF document and select open with Lumin for easy file handling.

Download the desktop app for your Mac or Windows device.

Lumin for Chromebooks

You can access Lumin on a Chromebook via your browser or by downloading the Chrome desktop app.

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Lumin mobile app


Lumin mobile app

Keep Lumin handy when you’re on the go for quick amends and file sharing. Our mobile app is available for iOS or Android, always free.

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