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Working offline

When you’re out of range, we’ve got you. By switching on offline mode in your Lumin settings, you’ll be able to work on PDF documents using our full suite of editing tools from wherever you are.

This is all done in a few clicks before you head offline. You’ll just need to enable it for any previously added files. Once you’ve regained a connection, all your edits will be synced back to your Lumin account. This includes the likes of added text, comments, eSignatures and more. Best of all, offline mode is a free feature available to all users.

Questions? All the ins and outs can be found in our how-to resource over in the Help Center.

With offline mode, you can:

  • Keep up the momentum on your tasks and projects when you’re out of range
  • Sync all changes back to your Lumin account when you’re back online
  • Work without interruptions. Once you’ve enabled the feature it’ll work for all your Lumin files when you go offline in future.

Right now, offline mode is only available on a Chrome and Microsoft Edge. If you don’t use these browsers you’re best to download our free desktop app where you’ll be able to work offline with ease across any device.

Your device is connected to both the desktop app and your Lumin account. However, only one account associated with a browser profile can access offline mode. If you wish to utilize offline mode for another Lumin account on the same device, you must create a new profile on your internet browser and log in using the other account.

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