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How to Remove Lumin PDF from Google Drive

This guide will give you:  

  • A brief description of Lumin PDF 
  • The steps on how to remove Lumin PDF from Google Drive 

What is Lumin PDF? 

Lumin PDF is: 

  • A multi-faceted PDF editing and management program 
  • Available in online and offline versions 
  • A cost-effective alternative to other PDF editing programs
  • Compatible with cloud-based storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox 

How To Remove Lumin PDF from Google Drive 

On the Google Drive homepage: 

  1. Click the Settings Icon 
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. Click on Manage Apps 
  4. Search for Lumin 
  5. Untick the Use by Default checkbox 

This will remove Lumin PDF from the apps connected to Google Drive.


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