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You’ve got the files, we’ve got the tools.
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  • Create a Circle for free

    Create a Circle for free

    Invite coworkers, classmates, family – everyone who matters in your Circle. Bring projects and ideas together in one collective workspace.

  • Collaborate in real time

    Collaborate in real time

    Leave comments, tag your team members and share your documents with everyone in your Circle – in real time!

  • Make and re-use templates

    Make and re-use templates

    If you need to send or fill the same form more than once, it’s easy to create and share the templates you need. Save them and re-use your templates at any time.

  • One central workspace

    One central workspace

    Share and store PDFs in one central workspace. Automatically grant doc access to save valuable time and increase productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Lumin free?

    Sure is! We have options for people and businesses wanting to unlock all our features – such as unlimited storage and certain tools only available to Professional users – but you can try Lumin Professional free for 7 days, or stay on a free plan. Discover our plans here to learn which one is the right fit for you.

  • How do I use Lumin?

    Lumin works on your browser, or you can download our desktop app and keep Lumin handy on your computer. We’ve also got a mobile and tablet app which includes our most popular features.

  • What are Circles?

    Circles is a rebrand of the Lumin feature Organizations, which allows users to create a shared space within their account for convenient document collaboration and editing. This makes it easy for you to join forces with whoever you need to collaborate with: from a colleague at work, to a full classroom of students or your friends and family.

  • Can I have more than one Circle?

    Yes, of course. We know the circles you run in are fluid. You can create Circles for your family, your work, your fantasy football league; and you can join as many as you want, too. But you might not need to: inside your Circle you can have Teams, where more niche work gets done.

  • Can I put someone else in charge of my Circle?

    Yes, you can transfer ownership of a Circle. Open your Circle and go to ‘Members’. Find the person you want to pass leadership onto and click the three dots next to their name. Select ‘Make Circle Admin’. Now all they need to do is accept your offer!

  • Can 2 or more people work on a PDF at the same time?

    Yes! There is no limit on how many people can work on a PDF – but it might get a bit chaotic if you get the whole company in at once! You can make your colleagues ‘editors’ if you want them to make changes, or just ‘viewers’ if you’d prefer to keep their interference minimal.

  • How do I set up a Circle?

    To create a Circle, simply head to your profile and select ‘Create a Circle’ from the dropdown list. You will be asked to choose a name for your Circle and upload a file for the thumbnail (a corporate logo or a cute family photo – it’s up to you!). Add the emails of the people you would like to include in your Circle, and hit ‘create’.