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Looking for a cloud-based PDF editor that’ll aid you in all of life’s admin? You’ve come to the right place.

Offering both a generous free and more advanced paid version of its software, Lumin is the one-stop digital platform for all your document needs.

Whether it’s electronically signing a document or compiling pages of a project, we’ve got the tools you need to succeed. Lumin's toolkit includes:

  • Page tools for merging, rearranging and splitting PDF documents
  • Annotation tools for drawing, highlighting, creating shapes, adding text, images and more
  • Collaboration features offering the ability to create a central place for your team to share feedback, work securely and tag colleagues in comments
  • Advanced tools such as OCR to make scanned documents readable, create a fillable form, unlock PDFs and compress larger files for sending.

There’s plenty to explore, but once you’ve mastered the basics you’ll be well on your way.

Best of all, we’re mates with Google. If you’re familiar with Google’s range of tools, Lumin will feel like second nature and work just how you’d expect. Integrate seamlessly with the tools you know and love like Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Want to jump straight into more specific how-to info on our core tools? Check out the Help Center links below.

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Lumin plans

Learn all about our pricing and plans to find the best fit for your PDF editing needs.

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