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Share and collaborate

Handing out physical paperwork is time-consuming, and keeping track of digital copies can be a nightmare. The cloud can solve that problem; and it has!

Lumin's plans allow for unlimited collaboration, so you can add anyone you like to your Circle, where shared documents are arranged in organized folders. If you'd prefer to be old-fashioned about it, we have sharing alternatives:

  • Download your file and email the attachment
  • Hit the ‘Share’ button to the top right of your document and set your permissions, then input an email address
  • Sync documents back to the original file in Dropbox or Google Drive by hitting 'Sync' or enabling 'Auto-Sync' for Drive

To collaborate with someone, you can:

  • Add comments to a document in Lumin
  • Tag them in feedback
  • Sync changes back to Google Drive or Dropbox, so no one on the team misses the update

    For more on file sharing and permissions, check out the range of articles in our Help Center.
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