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Lumin and Google Drive

Plug us in

Seamlessly integrate with the Google tools you know and love. Install the Lumin plugin from Google Workspace and choose Lumin as your default PDF editor. When you’re working from Lumin, you can access your Google Drive files straight from your dashboard. Our handy Help Center articles will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to work between Lumin and Google Drive with ease. 

Many of the features and functions of Lumin work similarly to those you’ll find within Google’s products, which makes mastering our platform a breeze.

Auto-sync with Google Drive

Never worry about hitting save again, or losing your edits. In keeping with the seamless integration between Lumin and Google, you’ll have the ability to automatically sync any changes you make to your files in Lumin back to the original file in Google Drive.

This is handy for working on Google Classroom assignments or just ensuring you’re working from the latest version of a file. You can always make a copy in Lumin if you don’t want to override the original.

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Lumin and Google Classroom

Integrate with Google Classroom for a seamless online experience. Work with students like you’re in the same room and interact in real-time.

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