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Sign and send

Use Lumin to add your digital signature to any document. Gone are the days of endless printing and scanning. Get your deals done in minutes!

Sign a document

Create your unique digital signature in Lumin and use it to sign and send documents. 

Just look for the 'Sign' icon in your toolbar when you’re in document viewer mode to create your signature; either draw it (with the mouse or a stylus), import a photograph or type it. Hit ‘Save’ when you’re done and you’ll be able to sign on the dotted line in just one click.

Send, sign and track with Lumin Sign

If you’re preparing a contract or document that needs to be viewed or signed by multiple parties, look for the Sign & send with Lumin Sign pop-up.

Alternatively, you can jump right into Lumin Sign straight away.

Lumin Sign is a dedicated signature workflow tool. You can:

  • Send documents for signing
  • Track their progress across cyberspace
  • Negotiate terms
  • Set up automated reminders and push notifications
  • Sign it all off with secure, legally-compliant signatures

Just add your recipients' email addresses and they’ll be notified of the action you need them to take.

Check out the Help Center for more detailed information on sharing files and using digital signatures with Lumin.

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