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Fillable forms and templates

Create fillable fields

Need to make a form fillable? Lumin’s fillable form function will come in handy. Using our Form Builder tools you can make text spaces, check boxes and radio buttons; all completely fillable by your clients and colleagues. They just need to click on the field and fill it in.

Note: You’ll need to be on a Lumin Business or Enterprise plan to create fillable forms. Try free for 7 days

Publish templates - feature coming soon!

Save time on admin by creating your own templates. On a Business or Enterprise plan you can make any document in your library into a template, which can then be published to a Team or Circle. This will make onboarding new employees, circulating company policies or distributing homework assignments a breeze.

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Advanced editing tools


Advanced editing tools

Manipulate PDFs, convert and use OCR with Lumin's range of advanced document editing features.

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