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Lumin GuideEdit Viewer Tool

📝 Edit Viewer Tool

No more paper docs and pens, prints and scans — use Lumin PDF Guide to sign all the necessary documents fast and easy online.

Create a Signature by Yourself

Add signature to PDF by drawing is almost like on paper. 

  1. Click the Signature icon on Lumin toolbar
  2. Click Create Signature
  3. Draw paint the signature with a brush, as in any graphics editor
  4. Drag, resize and position the signature inside your PDF file

Lumin toolbar

How to create an electronic signature

To change the brush settings, click on the Choose Style icon to change color, opacity, and thickness. You can change the parameters, even if you already drew the signature. 

📌Note: Drawing signatures is easier on touchpad devices.

Insert Ready-Made Signatures

If you have ready-made signatures of the teammates, boss, or your own, just paste it into the document.

  1. Click the Signature icon on Lumin toolbar
  2. Click Upload Image
  3. Choose the file from your PC no larger than 2.5 MB

How to insert signature in PDF

Choose One of the Lumin Signature Styles

You can also insert a signature in PDF by writing one of the fonts. We have 6 types of fonts for signature, in which you can also choose the color, opacity, and thickness.

  1. Click the Signature icon on Lumin toolbar
  2. Click Type
  3. Choose a style and fill the font

How to add signature in PDF file by type form

All signature configurations are saved in your account, so if you want to use a ready-made signature:

  1. Click Signature
  2. Click Choose Signature
  3. Select between saved signatures

Use one from your signature pool

Once you have created the signature, you can change the opacity of the image or add a comment. You quickly find comments by navigating to the Notes button, which will be to the left of the document. Check out our How to Annotate a PDF guide to learn more about the commenting PDF files in Lumin.

📌Note: With Lumin you can only create an electronic signature, add digital signature to PDF feature is not yet available.

Don't Mix Up an Electronic Signature and Digital Signature

There are two ways to insert signature in PDF: electronic signature and digital signature. 

An electronic signature is actually a signature image that you create by yourself or use a scan from an existing document. An electronic signature is suitable for those types of documents in which you don’t need a high level of security:

  • for signing presentations, books, and copyright materials
  • to sign a non-disclosure agreement for employment
  • for printed materials — business cards, booklets, catalogs, etc.
  • for signing emails

Digital signature is the advanced and secure verification of the sender. It requires a certified digital IP and PIN to prove the sender’s identity. Document and signature are encrypted and bound with electronic proof seal. Digital signatures are commonly used for software distribution, financial transactions, contracts and other cases where it is important to detect forgery and tampering.


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