Stay secure with Lumin + BlackBerry

Do more than just read documents on your device – edit them. Lumin’s dedicated PDF editor for BlackBerry® makes digital transformation safe and easy.

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Modernization made secure

Your employees are on the move; don’t let their documents get left behind. Annotate and highlight PDFs on BlackBerry® without posing a security risk.

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    Make changes instantly

    Stop losing amendments in email chains. Open Lumin for BlackBerry® straight from your inbox, annotate the document and send it on or save to BlackBerry® Docs.

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    Give feedback on-the-go

    Keep documents secure when traveling. Lumin’s app enables PDF editing from BlackBerry® devices, so work can happen anywhere without security being compromized.

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    Work intuitively

    Lumin for BlackBerry® is designed to work with the latest touchscreen devices, so it’s easy to write notes and suggest changes with a flick of the stylus.

Enterprise-grade features


Offline mode

Turning on offline mode means users can open, edit and annotate documents without an internet connection. These can be saved or sent once connected again.

Data encryption

The enterprise data passed to Lumin is encrypted using AES with a 256-bit key, and protected with a password and the device's security processor.

Enterprise authentication

Sign-in to Lumin is handled via BlackBerry’s authentication system, so users can sign in using their BlackBerry® or Microsoft account.

Full BlackBerry integration

Lumin for BlackBerry® is designed to work with BlackBerry’s productivity apps. Users can attach Lumin-edited PDFs to BlackBerry® Work or save to BlackBerry® Docs.

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Safeguard your documents with enterprise-grade protection provided by Lumin’s BlackBerry® Dynamics™ integration.

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