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We create accessible, safe and intuitive products that enable seamless collaboration at work.

We're a product-first company

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We’re people, not computers. Our products are designed to make your human experience of our digital world feel like second nature.

Moving away from paper and embracing the bold new electronic world should be easy, organic and beautiful. We hope Lumin gives you this feeling.

We have no hidden costs and our software does what it says. You can feel safe using Lumin.

We're redefining work

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Work isn’t a place, it’s a space. And we’re providing it.

Whether you work with business proposals, band posters, schoolwork or health and safety forms; we have the tools you need right here in the cloud, so you can get it done from anywhere.

Lumin allows you to work in real-time with your team, or share your tax return with the IRS in one easy click. Because collaboration shouldn’t have limits.

Making a big, positive impact

To ensure everyone gets the chance to thrive in the cloud, we made our software free for classrooms and we offer discounts for not-for-profits.

This isn’t just about improving tomorrow; it’s about improving today.

Accessibility to technology is already vital to success. We need it to apply for jobs, rent a home, sign contracts and so much more. The things we need to eSign and files we need to share instantly will only grow in number.


Tech tools shouldn’t just be for tech geniuses

Lumin intends to remain free and easy to use for most of our customers.

You can get in touch with our sales team (don’t let “sales” put you off – they’re so much more) to learn more about how Lumin can help you.