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Lumin has a free plan for K-12 teachers and their students.

Create, share and give feedback on assignments with our dedicated online learning product. Stay connected to your students, wherever they're learning from.
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Premium features for free

Make homework hassle-free with the ultimate online learning toolkit.

  • Create your own templates, worksheets and forms

  • Enjoy unlimited document uploads

  • Collaborate in real-time within Google Classroom

  • Mark, highlight, and give feedback on assignments


Integrate with Google Classroom

Lumin integrates with Google Classroom, so you don't have to juggle different platforms.

Share assignments with Google, complete and mark them in Lumin and sync them right back to Google.

Use Lumin in your classroom

  • Create your own resources

    Create your own resources

    Turn static PDFs into fillable worksheets with our form builder tool.

  • Room for the whole class

    Room for the whole class

    Our online learning tools have unlimited seats, so no one in the class misses out.

  • Spend less time on paperwork

    Spend less time on paperwork

    Complete expense forms, time sheets, report cards and lesson planning in one place.

Lumin for K-12 teachers and their students is free forever

How it works

How it works

How it works

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