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Fill and sign any PDF for free with Lumin. Jump straight in, stamp your signature and download your document in seconds.

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  • Safe and secure signing

    Safe and secure signing

    Digital signatures are trusted and enforceable in almost every country. They're just as safe as a handwritten signature.
  • Save time and money

    Save time and money

    No more print-outs or hours chasing up contracts. Lumin's digital signature tool cuts signing down to seconds.
  • Get the whole team signing

    Get the whole team signing

    Create and store multiple digital signatures within Lumin, so your team is always ready to seal the deal.

More impact, less admin.
Sign PDFs for free.

How to sign a PDF online


Sign up

Create a free Lumin account and upload your document.


Create signature

In the toolbar, hit the eSign tool and click ‘Add Signature’. Upload an image of your signature or draw it.


Get signing

Drop your signature onto the document and size it to fit. You’ve signed on the dotted line!

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For casual users trying out Lumin

$0 USD

$0 USD

Free includes:
  • Annotate 3 docs
  • Digitally sign PDFs

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For busy professionals or small teams

A small team is 5-10 people

$19 USD

Per month, per team

$19 USD

Per month, per team

Everything on Starter, plus:
  • 30 docs per month team-wide
  • Edit PDF text
  • Split documents
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Add signatures
in seconds

Add signatures<br/>in seconds

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Lumin free to use?

    Lots of our tools are free. You can draw on PDFs, comment on them, add text, signatures and images; all the basics are covered.

    Our paid plans expand your toolkit: you can edit PDF text, redact information, create fillable fields and much more. Discover our plans to learn which one is the right fit for you.

  • How do I use Lumin?

    The Lumin app works on your browser, or you can download our desktop app and keep Lumin handy on your computer. We’ve also got a mobile and tablet app which includes Lumin’s most popular features.

  • Can I just sign a PDF and go?

    Yes. You will need to create an account in order to use Lumin and it's digital signature tool, but this is fast, easy and free. Once you're in you'll be signing in seconds. You’ll have a range of other PDF features at your disposal too, should you choose to explore them.

  • Can I send a document for someone else to sign?

    Yes. You can share documents using Lumin, but the recipient will need to create a Lumin account in order to sign it. If you’re looking for a dedicated signature workflow tool, check out our product Lumin Sign. The receiver doesn’t need a Lumin Sign account to sign the document.

  • Is it safe to sign a PDF online?

    Yes, it's safe to sign PDFs online with Lumin in any web browser. Our products are enforced using a rigorous and continuously updated security system.