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Lumin’s tools are designed to work seamlessly with any PDF. Discover a digital toolkit that makes paperwork modern.

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More impact, less admin

  • Lumin PDF - Benefit 1

    Make internal work seamless

    Collaborate live in a shared digital workspace. Tag, comment and create Teams for frictionless internal work.
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    Consolidate the admin

    Leave repetitive admin in the past. Lumin removes the mental load of multiple products with a consolidated suite.
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    Work within tools you love

    Integrate Lumin with Google Workspace and Dropbox. Edit and sync work back to its original storage location.

Tools to get
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Connect with Google

We're integrated with Google Drive, Google Classroom and Gmail. Edit work in Lumin and sync it right back to Google Workspace.

Connect with Google

Modern PDF editing tools

Comment, highlight and draw on docs. Split or merge PDFs. Sign off on work or even edit PDF text. We have the tools you need.

Modern PDF editing tools

Collaborate live

Invite coworkers to join your Lumin Circle. Share and edit documents in secure spaces and create Teams to focus on internal work.

Collaborate live

Cross-device editing

Our cloud-based software lets you work from any device without disruption. Use Lumin from your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Cross-device editing
Connect with Google
Modern PDF editing tools
Collaborate live
Cross-device editing
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Browse our extensive library of forms and templates. We’ve got what you need to tackle any task: tax forms, contract templates, health and safety checklists, onboarding forms and much more.

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Lumin for everyone

  • Lumin PDF Starter plan


    The Lumin Starter plan is designed for individuals looking for an affordable, easy-to-use PDF editor. Perfect for students or freelancers.

  • Lumin PDF Pro plan


    The Lumin Pro plan is designed for power users and small teams: use advanced formatting tools and edit text directly to fast-track processes.

  • Lumin PDF Business plan


    The Lumin Business plan is for businesses with more than 30 users. Use premium tools and work with a dedicated success manager.

Looking to streamline client workflows?

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We have a dedicated product for that. Lumin Sign is perfect for managing customer-facing work. Use legally-compliant digital signatures, track contracts and set reminders.

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