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  • Make forms modern

    Make forms modern

    You don't print contracts to sign anymore, so why print forms? Create fillable fields inside your forms so paperwork stays in the cloud.
  • Erase manual paperwork

    Erase manual paperwork

    Getting paperwork filled in can be a nightmare. Sending fillable forms in bulk means a faster turnaround and less mess.
  • Keep forms current

    Keep forms current

    No more trashing outdated forms. Our fillable forms are customizable, so you can tweak details whenever you like.

More impact, less admin.
Try creating fillable PDFs.

How to make a PDF fillable


Sign up

Fillable forms are only available on our Business or Enterprise plans. To try them out, start a free trial and upload the PDFs you want to make fillable.


Build your fillable form

Use the Form Builder to add text boxes, check boxes or radio buttons – everything someone needs to fill in a form. Turn it into a template and re-use the form anytime you need.


Share your fillable PDFs

Save and share the fillable PDF you created via Lumin, Google, Dropbox or any of our other integrated platforms. Wait for the filled forms to come rolling back in!

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For casual users trying out Lumin

$0 USD

$0 USD

Free includes:
  • Annotate 3 docs
  • Digitally sign PDFs

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For busy professionals or small teams

A small team is 5-10 people

$19 USD

Per month, per team

$19 USD

Per month, per team

Everything on Starter, plus:
  • 30 docs per month team-wide
  • Edit PDF text
  • Split documents
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Fillable PDFs
in seconds

Fillable PDFs<br/>in seconds

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Lumin free?

    Lots of our tools are free. You can draw on PDFs, comment on them, add text, signatures and images; all the basics are covered.

    Unfortunately, fillable fields are not available for free. You will need to be on a Business or Enterprise plan to create fillable fields in a PDF. Discover our plans to learn which one is the right fit for you.

  • How do I use Lumin?

    Lumin works on your browser, or you can download our desktop app and keep Lumin handy on your computer. We’ve also got a mobile and tablet app which includes our most popular features.

  • Can I create a fillable PDF from a Word document?

    Yes. Upload your Word document to Lumin, and use our Form Builder tool to add text boxes, checkboxes and radio buttons wherever needed. Then save your creation as a PDF and share it with the world!

  • Can you make a fillable PDF in Google Docs?

    Whichever part of Google Drive you’re using – Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms – you can integrate your document with Lumin in just a couple of clicks. After that, it’s a breeze to turn it into a fillable PDF.

  • Can I create a fillable PDF for free?

    Our fillable PDF Form Builder is currently not available to users on our free plan, but you can try this feature on a 7 day free trial. We have a range of affordable options to help you get docs done.