Dec 08, 2021

8 Virtual Learning Templates for Teachers

8 Virtual Learning Templates for Teachers

Boost the learning process with these FREE educational document templates for teachers.

Make virtual learning easy with these 8 document templates for teachers

Virtual learning and teaching has presented unique challenges that are new territory for many teachers..From lesson plans, to education calendars and evaluations, various documents are needed to guarantee productive lessons and engaged students. To help you on your way, we’ve provided a range of document templates for you to download and use for free. 

Use these documents as a starting point and personalise them to  make them your own. These documents can also be added into a teacher planner file, to use when required. You can have separate folders for completed private documents for you, such as lesson plans, and others for sharing, but always keep a blank template for future use. These templates for teachers serve a range of purposes, whether to help with virtual learning, to engage students and parents, or to simply help stay organized. PDF templates can be tricky to use, but thanks to Lumin PDF, they can easily be annotated, compressed and shared. We also provide a range of other templates for teachers beyond this article. 

1. Teacher's Record of Work

A teacher's record of work is a list that details specific topics taught on a daily basis. It should outline the learning objective and provide transparency, so you can keep track of the learning process and review specific goals over time. This in turn will help develop lesson plans for future classes, and know if anything requires revisiting. Use this template now!

2. Student Profile Form

A student profile form is a great tool for teachers on the first day of the school year, or whenever new students join your classes. Provide this to students, either as a lesson or as homework, to get to know the student, their goals, their strengths and weaknesses. It also can involve their family, try this template now!

3. First Day of School Survey

A similar useful document on the first day of school is this survey. Collect key information about the student, get them to practice their writing skills and help them ease back into the school year. It also allows them to think for themselves and develop opinion sharing skills. This then gives you objectives to include in future lesson plans. As a good example, try this template now!

4. Student assessment reports

These are a key part of any teacher’s job and are just as important as lesson plans. Assessing the student, their performance, their behavior, and other aspects of their education is essential to understanding their progress, how the learning process works for them, and to provide a record. As you can see in our PDF template, they should be clear and easy to digest, with relevant areas sectioned out. Try this template now!

5. Montessori Teacher Performance Evaluation Form

Montessori teaching is a unique kind of teaching. An evaluation form helps monitor the capabilities and progress of the teacher to fit the unique educational philosophy. It should be simple and clear with the relevant categories laid out to analyze the skills of the teacher. Use our template now.

6. Self Appraisal Form for Teachers

Teachers need to be able to support their students, and provided feedback that can be used elsewhere, for example school/university applications. They should outline their strengths and weaknesses and create an accurate character assessment of the student’s attributes. These forms should be filled by the teachers, with a letter of recommendation, and sent to the relevant parties. Use this template now!

7. Student of the Year Template

Students work hard, and this needs to be recognized by teachers. This can instill a sense of confidence and pride in their work and capabilities. At the end of the school year, awards can be given out to students to do just this. For example, this student of the year template can be given to the student who performed best according to some criteria. The award itself can of course be edited, and all students can be given different awards to reflect what they were strongest at. Try this template now

8. Lesson plans - Try now

Lesson plans are the bread and butter of teaching, whether offline or virtual learning. A good lesson plan template should have a lot of space and be divided into relevant sections. Teaching goals, expected outcomes, required materials/equipment, summary of the lesson, and what is the homework for the students to undertake. Here’s a daily lesson plan template PDF that you can use for your lessons in the future. Try this template now.


We hope these templates for teachers can be put to good use in your classroom. Consider using Lumin to edit, share and collaborate on PDF documents, which is easier than ever. We also have more document templates which you can use for offline or virtual learning. With a good arsenal of templates, virtual teaching should be easier for you, and it’s one less task to worry about.

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