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Get to know: Claudia Lee, Content Manager


Lumin staff


Apr 15, 2024



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Get to know: Claudia Lee, Content Manager

Introducing Claudia Lee, Lumin's content whizz. She brings a design-heavy perspective to the art of community content. Here's the insider scoop on all things content.

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  • 1. Quickfire:

  • 1. Quickfire:

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What's your role at Lumin?

I’m a Content Manager, so I’m responsible for the content strategy of Lumin’s web content and social channels. I’m here to grow a community!

Have you always worked in tech?

No. Before joining Lumin I worked for Stirling Sports as a graphic designer, where I had a hand in creating the first two collections of Stirling’s in-house label Taylor Sport.

The difference between retail and tech is big – much bigger than I could have expected. It’s dynamic and constantly evolving, which provides many opportunities for learning and growth. Lumin places a strong emphasis on innovation, strategy, and data. It means we have clear direction and purpose behind the work we do and helps create a more meaningful and rewarding work experience.

In my role here, no two days are the same. One is spent shooting TikToks and the next is implementing an international affiliate marketing program.

So design is your background. How does it apply to your job as Content Manager?

I studied Visual Communication Design at Massey University in Wellington for 4 years, so I know the visual identity of a brand is more than just pretty pictures. And I know a brand comes down to more than just what it looks like – it’s also how it sounds, what it stands for and what it talks about; that is where content comes in.

Great design paired with quality content is a match made in heaven. Having a design background makes it so much easier to work closely with our designer to bring our content to life.

How important is work culture to you?

It’s the people and culture here that keep me motivated. There are so many little things that Lumin does that help me feel supported and appreciated - wellness and career development benefits, team outings and events and a generously stocked snack cupboard is a bonus.

Seeing as we are still a small team, everyone has a seat at the table. Every person has a voice and is a part of making Lumin what it is. We’re all key players.

Do you think a brand’s social media is important to the success of their business?

I think all brands should have a presence on social media platforms! It’s the new Google for Gen Z and millennials. Social media allows brands to be authentic and showcase more of their personality and values.

Focus your energy on the two channels that your ideal customer spends most of their time on – quality over quantity.

What are the ingredients for a perfect social media post?

Everything you post needs to entertain, inspire or educate the viewer. Balancing all 3 of these is the key to success. If your post doesn't fit into one of those categories, don’t post it.

Best piece of marketing advice you have received?

You’re not selling a pillow, you’re selling a good night’s sleep. Focus on the value you can add, not the features.

What shows up on your TikTok algorithm?

I've somehow found myself on Shark TikTok!


I'm watching: the movie The Swimmers on Netflix was such an inspiring watch – would recommend.

I'm listening to: The Marketing Millennials podcast – Episode 70: Marketing psychology w/ Phill Agnew.

I'm reading: Mindset by Carol Dweck.

My 2023 professional goal is: to implement an influencer and affiliate marketing program for Lumin.

I'm obsessed over: early morning swims at my outdoor community pool to start the day.

My last purchase was: a windscreen sunshade for my car (I know, very boomer of me).

Linkedin: Let's connect linkedin.com/in/claudia-lee/

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