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Get to know: Josie Adams, Content Director


Lumin Staff


Apr 15, 2024



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Get to know: Josie Adams, Content Director

Making Lumin sound good is seasoned writer and editor Josie Adams. She teaches us how to use all the right words.

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  • 1. Quickfire:

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Josie Adams is the most talented writer ever to work in any job. Yes, she’s writing this introduction. She’s Lumin’s content director, so she sets the tone. Josie gives us the lowdown on how to be high-impact.

What’s the goal of a content director?

I’m here to improve the brand reputation with content that’s helpful, interesting and grammatically correct. I set Lumin's tone of voice, make the little stylistic choices (I am currently on a crusade against capital letters), and determine the content we need for social media, the website, PR - basically anything involving the written word comes through me.

Is writing your destiny?

Yes, but in a cool way and not a self-destructive beat poet kind of way. I’m an insatiable Chatty Cathy and writing is a way to keep being that when people don’t want to talk to me anymore.

When I was 9 my teacher told me I’d be an author, and that sounded pretty good. I’m not sure if the fact I’ve always worked with words is a self-fulfilling fate or if I genuinely can’t do anything else. I like it, though!

Do you need any special skills to be a marketing writer?

My main skill is being literate. Not every hero wears a cape.

You need to have a malleable voice. You need to consume everything by the brand you work for and become it. You are what you eat in all aspects of life.

Another huge bonus is having a harsh inner critic. Good writers have confidence. Great ones think they’re worthless little worms and re-write everything until their hands bleed. Editing is a much more powerful skill than writing; kill your babies is still the best advice I’ve ever received.

Writing content that’s fun and functional to read, particularly in a field like tech which is littered with hyperbole and jargon, is a real challenge. I get a lot of joy out of telling tech bros their buzzword of the day is meaningless. "Seamless" is the new "dynamic," huh?

Is Lumin fun to write for?

Before Lumin I was working as a journalist focusing on the weird web. I’d been watching the world of tech for a few years, so finally getting a job writing from inside it was a dream come true.

Lumin is experimental and flexible and if I want to try anything weird the team is always on board. Except when I suggested deleting the blog, but that was probably a good call from them.

While Lumin has a teamwork approach, there’s also freedom to pursue your own goals. There’s a level of trust in my work that’s very freeing and empowering.

What’s one thing you want to see more content writers do?

Push for value. Customers are more savvy than ever. They’re not going to give you credit card details or a real email address. If you want to sell your product, you need to give them something valuable for free straight out of the gate.

I’m always pushing for us to make templates, guides, quizzes; anything that offers real, tangible value without having sales copy all over it.

Which words are hot and which are not?

Hot: I’m still loving “enshittification”. I also anticipate a future in which AD (Artificial Dumbassery) enters the lexicon.

Not: “learnings”. Just say lessons, wtf. Also “woke”. This word should only ever be used ironically. If are serious about it then you have brainworms.


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🎯 My 2023 professional goal is: I’m doing some SEO and analytics courses but mostly I want to lose followers on LinkedIn through sheer insufferability.

👀 I'm obsessed with: functional mushrooms. Even the Last of Us can’t stop me from guzzling cordyceps like it’s Berocca.

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