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Best file-sharing apps with offline access in 2022


Lumin staff


Apr 15, 2024



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Best file-sharing apps with offline access in 2022

We all sometimes have situations when we need to share an important file with someone but do not have WiFi or mobile data at that moment. If you face these situations often, we suggest finding file-sharing apps that work offline. This article will outline the best software and apps for offline file-sharing and their benefits so that you are able to find one that works best for you.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Bitrix24

  • 2. eFileCabinet

  • 3. Glasscubes

  • 4. FileCloud

  • 5. FileInvite

  • 6. Onehub

  • 7. Content Central

  • 1. Bitrix24
  • 2. eFileCabinet
  • 3. Glasscubes
  • 4. FileCloud
  • 5. FileInvite
  • 6. Onehub
  • 7. Content Central

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Bitrix24 is a free collaboration platform. Users benefit from Bitrix24's CRM, document management, task, time and project management features, which are all integrated into a social-style environment that includes user profiles, commenting, instant messaging, and content sharing.

Bitrix24 provides a communications and collaboration platform that covers internal operations as well as external relations. Having the entire toolset in a single cloud service has technical benefits, such as unified search and only one user interface to get used to. With minimal navigation, Bitrix24 allows you to:

- store, find, share, and comment on documents and other objects.

- coordinate schedules, tasks, and projects.

- manage external communications via CRM and an extranet.


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eFileCabinet is a document management solution for small and midsize businesses that deal with a lot of paper and have workforces across numerous offices. It's built to meet the demands of companies in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, retail, healthcare, financial services, transportation, government, and education.

Here are some key advantages of using eFileCabinet: 

- eFileCabinet allows users to generate digital files that can be safely saved, transferred and searched for in order to explore and quickly access data.

- Users can collect digital signatures from clients and coworkers for safe file delivery.

- Documents can be automatically sent for approval, evaluation, editing, or collaboration with eFileCabinet's automated workflow management.

- Multiple security features, such as role-based security, document preservation, audit trails, and SSL security ensure that the system complies with HIPAA regulations.

-Users can create customisable dashboards, set automatic reminders, and obtain reports relating to certain data using eFileCabinet.


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Glasscubes is a cloud-based collaboration platform. It facilitates collaboration by storing and sharing information that is safe, accurate, and available from any place outside of an organization's firewall.

Whether users need to communicate with coworkers, clients, or partners, Glasscubes ensures that everyone gets the most out of their time together. Secure file sharing, task management, remote teamwork, group intranets, client and partner portals, knowledge management, communication and broadcasting are all supported by Glasscubes.

The following are some of the key benefits of using Glasscubes:

- File sharing, management, and secure cloud storage

- Task and project management for organizing projects to achieve desired outcomes

- Improved team communication through collaboration

- Joint online workplace with an intranet or extranet


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FileCloud is a content collaboration platform with cutting-edge solutions for compliance, governance, data leak protection, automated retention and workflows, digital rights management, and content sharing. Millions of users benefit from FileCloud's public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions, which enable sharing, synchronization, and mobile access.

The main benefits of FileCloud include:

- Data security and protection: FileCloud has single sign-on and two-factor authentication for maximum security. It also has data at rest encryption that prevents your data from being accessed or stolen by unauthorized users.
- Device management: You can check what devices have access to your data using device management features and remotely disconnect unwanted devices, deleting any data that has been copied or transferred on them.
- Document preview: FileCloud has a built-in document preview tool which allows you to preview documents such as PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly in your browser. 


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The FileInvite system works by allowing users to construct "invites" that collect all of the needed information and document attachments which can then be stored as a template to be used repeatedly. These are then delivered to customers and tracked to provide status and progress updates, which can be viewed via the app's dashboard interface. Automated emails can be set up to remind clients to complete tasks by established deadlines, including internet portal links to the exact location where information should be submitted. FileInvite securely stores the provided content and files for download or they can be automatically synced to cloud storage services like Dropbox.

The following are some of the key advantages of using FileInvite:

- FileInvite's automatic document collection and management software replaces old techniques of chasing clients.

- Unlimited "invites" can be made to clients when formally asking for information and files, outlining essential information and deadlines.

- Before FileInvite tracks the request status and sends automated reminders to customers, invite templates can be established to make the process of making repeated requests easier.

- Users can then receive all completed information and documentation with FileInvite or sync automatically to third-party online storage apps after uploading files and assets to a link.


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Onehub is a secure file storage and sharing platform for companies of all sizes. To enhance and expand your file sharing, Onehub offers a package of strong business features such as virtual data rooms, client portals, Google Docs integration, automatic watermarking, branded workspaces, and custom agreements.

Key benefits of Onehub include:

- permissions based on roles that allow you to fine-tune how people interact with your material.

- object-level sharing that gives you the power to share individual files rather than a full folder.

- secure links that allow you to exchange files without having to add more people to your account.

In addition, users must actively accept your customized terms before they can access your content, according to Custom Agreements.

Content Central

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Content Central is for SMBs to large businesses looking to streamline their business and document-intensive operations with workflow automation, including eSignatures, form submissions, and compliance. Content Central delivers on-premise or in-cloud document management, regardless of whether employees are remote or in the office. Through Content Central, organizations of any size can control and track who has access to, changes, and shares company documents.

Content Central is meant to boost workplace efficiency by using automated capabilities to manage business processes and documents intelligently. Data lookups are facilitated, repetitive data entry is eliminated, and data integrity is ensured across systems, regardless of industry or department, thanks to automated processes and integrations with third party business software systems.

Benefits of Content Central:

- Documents may be automatically sent for inspection, approval, modifications, and collaboration thanks to Content Central's powerful workflow engine.

- Papers can be stored and categorized intelligently so they're easy to find where and when you need them, even when you're on the go.

- Documents can be sent for eSignature and forms passed securely to users inside and outside your organization while staying compliant.

- Content Central integrates with your existing third party business systems to eliminate unnecessary data entry and time-consuming cross-system effort.

- Access Controls and System Auditing make it simple to comply with HIPAA, SOX, FERPA, and ISO regulations.


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Lumin is a one-stop-shop for PDF editing, cloud collaboration, and project management, all within a single, easy-to-use interface.

Never worry again about documents or emails getting lost with Lumin; our robust system makes it simple to edit, review, and manage your resources.

Key benefits of Lumin include:

- real-time document collaboration.

- fillable and multi-media PDFs for a professional document finish.

- access to projects on the go.
- real time sync across all devices and platforms.

- a wide range of editing tools including split & merge, annotation, page manipulation, eSignatures, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

- unlimited storage capacity.

To find out more about what Lumin can offer you, click here.

It’s now time to select the best app for your needs. The tools we listed are all easy to use and follow all the essential security protocols, making them excellent for securely sharing data from one device to another.

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