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Google Next 2024: Gemini AI is here!


Josie Adams


Apr 29, 2024



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the google next logo - a stylised N E X T in blue, red, yellow and green respectively. these letters are against a light blue background.

The Luminati take Las Vegas: our experience of Google Next 2024. Gemini AI, McLaren, Google Workspace and much more!

Table of Contents

  • 1. Key takeaways from Google Next 2024

  • 2. Lumin at Google Next ‘24

  • 3. The Luminati take Las Vegas

  • 1. Key takeaways from Google Next 2024
  • 2. Lumin at Google Next ‘24
  • 3. The Luminati take Las Vegas

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The Luminati flew all the way to Las Vegas from little old Ōtautahi New Zealand and boy, were our arms tired. Just kidding – but our feet were exhausted by the end of Google Next’s three action-packed days!

If you swung by booth #1733 at Google Next ‘24, you got a heaping dose of big .doc energy.

Lumin was stoked to attend Google Next in a triple capacity: as exhibitors, as sponsors and as a Google partner. Our people were spread out across the labyrinthine conference sprawl, but could always be found at our booth handing out chocolate and pieces of PDF wisdom.

Nice set up, right?

Crucial insight for any prospective booth-haver: the ideal merch in an extremely air conditioned conference is lip balm and hand cream. We experienced a lot of big dry energy.

the lumin booth: a looping video, a tote bag saying "big .doc energy", some whittaker's chocolates, and a big "Lumin" sign and logo.

Key takeaways from Google Next 2024

Google Next ‘23’s stages were full of AI promises. The more cynical of us (OK, me) thought it was just hype. Eight months later, Next ‘24 proved these cynics wrong. The expo floor was full of AI-driven innovation: one highlight was the McLaren race car and accompanying racing simulator that allowed conference-goers to see what racing with AI assistance feels like. It feels fast.

an orange and black mclaren car at google next

And the Gemini AI announcements just kept coming. After an uncertain year of punters wavering between OpenAI and Gemini, Google’s AI creds came through loud and clear.

Google’s been in the game a long time. And now the AI interface we know as “Gemini” has many niched-down faces: there’s Gemini for security operations, a Gemini-driven Google chat, Gemini for code assistance – and it’s not strictly Gemini, but the new AI-driven Google Vids for Google Workspace will do incredible things for content teams.

Watch a short recap of the Google Next 2024 keynote speech here:

Lumin at Google Next ‘24

We were there to solidify partnerships and see our sponsorship come to life – but we were also there to hawk our wares.

Lumin has three major tools dedicated to enabling digital transformation:

  • Lumin, a modern, Google-integrated PDF editor with all the tools you need
  • Lumin Sign, a digital signature workflow tool designed to sign, send and track agreements using legally compliant digital signatures
  • and the Lumin Sign API, a dev-friendly way to plug Lumin Sign’s intuitive features into your platform

We went in looking for good leads, not gratuitous ones. Quality over quantity. And the chats we had were very high quality.

Google Next attracts people who know what they want: easy eSignatures that are affordable at scale, NDA templates (👀), and a PDF editor that does the heavy stuff alongside the pretty things. And they want products that integrate with their office suite.

As a Google Workspace-integrated company, we were extremely buzzed about the Google Workspace AI enhancements (like voice prompts for email, an AI meetings and messaging add-on, the aforementioned Google Vids, and much more).

The Luminati take Las Vegas

If you were lucky, you might have caught the Luminati in a secret fourth capacity: videographers. Yes, we had a roving team documenting our entire Vegas trip. 

See the first instalment below:

A huge shout out to everyone we met in Vegas – the people truly make the place. And Kings of Leon are people with great talent.

If you’re interested in continuing any of the great yarns we had over there, feel free to add Caleb or Max on LinkedIn or reach out to our sales team. And if we scanned your badge, check your email!

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