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Lumin Sign vs DocuSign


Luke Houghton


Apr 8, 2024


Digital Signatures

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Lumin Sign vs DocuSign

There are an endless number of electronic signature tools to choose from, but these two are the strongest contenders: Lumin Sign and DocuSign. Which one should you go for?

The breakdown:

  • 1. What is an eSignature workflow tool?

  • 2. What is a DocuSign envelope?

  • 3. Is DocuSign or Lumin Sign cheaper?

  • 4. Is Lumin Sign easier to use than DocuSign?

  • 5. Do I need an eSignature API?

  • 1. What is an eSignature workflow tool?
  • 2. What is a DocuSign envelope?
  • 3. Is DocuSign or Lumin Sign cheaper?
  • 4. Is Lumin Sign easier to use than DocuSign?
  • 5. Do I need an eSignature API?

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A lot has changed since we pitted the world’s biggest eSignature tools against each other in Lumin vs DocuSign.  Basic eSignatures are no longer in vogue anymore. eSignature workflow tools have taken the spotlight. 

And Lumin Sign is center stage. 

The next evolution in eSignature tools is designed to make contract negotiations and sign-offs easy. Where an eSignature is a digital version of your signature, an eSignature workflow is all about obtaining multiple parties’ signatures; securely.

But how does Lumin Sign’s workflow measure up to DocuSign's features? You’ll have to read on to find out. 

What is an eSignature workflow tool?

Have you ever had a contract that required multiple people’s signatures from different departments, companies or planets? This is where an eSignature workflow tool comes in handy. 

eSignature pdf tools such as Lumin Sign and DocuSign streamline the entire electronic signature process by offering a platform where documents can be securely sent out for signatures, reviewed, and legally signed.

What is a DocuSign envelope?

No, we’re not talking about snail mail. "Envelope" is the name DocuSign gives documents that are sent out for signatures using the platform. Depending on your plan, DocuSign has a limit on the number of envelopes that can be sent per month. 

Lumin Sign does the same thing, but makes it slightly easier by calling them what they are – documents.

Is DocuSign or Lumin Sign cheaper?

If you’re wondering, “is DocuSign free?”, the answer is no; they do not have a free plan for their workflow tool. Lumin Sign has a free plan that allows you to send 5 documents for signing each month.

On to the paid plans: which is cheaper? 

DocuSign's Standard and Business Pro plans include workflow features so let’s compare those to Lumin Sign’s Pro plan. Lumin Sign’s Pro plan is $18 per month per user, and allows 100 documents to be sent monthly. This plan provides extra features including bulk send, automated reminders and a dedicated success manager.

On the other hand, DocuSign’s Standard plan is $25 per month per user, and offers comparable features but limits each member to sending 100 documents per year.

DocuSign’s Business Pro plan is for the big corporates that send contracts like nobody's business.For $40 per user per month, features include the ability to incorporate formulae, utilize PowerForms and make payments.

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Is Lumin Sign easier to use than DocuSign?

Both are easy to use; but as your needs get more complicated, so can the software.

Lumin Sign’s design philosophy revolves around the timeless adage: keep it simple, silly. The platform's intuitive design ensures an enjoyable experience from the moment you start using it. 

Simply upload your document, invite signers, assign signature fields and voila! – send it off for signing. So easy even your Grandma could do it.

DocuSign is relatively easy to navigate, too. However, its three stages of pricing reflect the growing complexity of a growing company. Its Business Pro plan is perfect for large corporations staffed with digital experts. If you’re a digital newbie, however, the Personal plan might be more your speed.

Do I need an eSignature API?

An API makes eSignatures accessible via your own website or app, not DocuSign or Lumin Sign’s.

APIs connect apps together. For example you could connect your rental management platform to an eSign app. This would enable your customers to send and sign contracts from inside your platform, instead of leaving it to figure it out on their own.

Lumin Sign and DocuSign both have APIs. DocuSign’s is staggered according to the features you want – same as the pricing plan. Lumin Sign’s API functions the same way an Enterprise plan would.

If you’re looking into using an eSignature API, Lumin Sign has the option to either plug it in yourself or speak to the helpful integration team to figure out a custom solution.

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