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Jun 02, 2022

TOP Cloud-based document collaboration tools with offline access


If you're looking for the best document collaboration software with offline access, you've come to the right place. Document collaboration software makes it easier for you and your team to work more efficiently and collaborate in real time, allowing for greater innovation.

TOP Cloud document collaboration tools with offline access

This article will go through everything you need to know about offline document collaboration, and will assist you in making the right decision for your busines. We'll also highlight our top five picks of document collaboration software tools.

How to ensure seamless group document collaboration?

When it comes to offline collaboration tools, besides real-time editing functionality, here are the essential features your document collaboration tool should have:

1. Autosave - The majority of project management apps contain an autosave feature that ensures that crucial data is not lost. It also means you won't have to save the document each time you make a change, either.

2. Version control - Version control is a tool that allows members of a team to revert to earlier versions of a document. It ensures that vital information is not lost by your team, especially during online collaboration.
3. Edit tracking - A collaboration tool should allow you and your team to keep track of any edits or additions to the document, as well as who made them.

4. Multiple formats - To avoid being restricted to a single type of document, your document collaboration software should handle a variety of file types.

5. Comments - Commenting is a feature of a collaboration tool that allows you and your team to ask questions and provide input without having to make any changes to the document. You can also quickly assign tasks to one another using comments.
6. Mobile-friendly - Any collaborative app should include mobile accessibility as a standard feature. It ensures that team members have remote access to the online collaboration tool.
7. Large storage space - Because document collaboration involves multiple people and documents, the collaboration solution you use must have enough storage space.

Remote team collaborations efficiently create projects while eliminating the drawbacks of traditional development methods such as office travel and set work hours. To manage your workflow, organize agendas, and much more, you'll need to use a collaboration platform or two.

With their particular feature sets, all of the tools featured in this article cater to team-related projects. These platforms are ideal for all types of organizations as well as individuals.

QuickBooks Time

QuickBooks Time is a time tracking software system that allows businesses of all sizes to improve project management efficiency. Project scheduling, timesheets, and reporting are all included in the app. Aside from the application's built-in features, it also offers integrations with a variety of third-party software solutions, which can assist users to increase the system's breadth of usefulness and potentially help them meet their company's specific business goals and needs.

QuickBooks Time comes with a number of tools that help businesses get the most out of their projects; the features available vary depending on the pricing plan chosen. QuickBooks Time comes with a customizable reporting engine that allows users to extract useful statistics from project and payroll datasets.

According to the QuickBooks Time website, users who use the system save an average of 11% on annual payroll costs. It also provides users with a simple time tracking system that employees across the firm may utilize with little to no training. The straightforward time tracking features help managers keep track of their time more accurately, and the full scheduling capabilities help them stay on top of their staffing needs. 

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business is a document management system (DMS) that lets you securely store and share files from a single cloud storage location. Contracts, business communications, and old data may all be easily backed up in a safe environment. If something goes wrong with your work, you can easily download it from storage and resume your job. Dropbox Business is a cloud-based file management system that is also available on Android and iOS mobile devices. It's also compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Here are some features Dropbox Business offers:

Document backup - You can back up any file in your file infrastructure, both manually and automatically.

Content security - Dropbox ensures that your work surroundings are safe from cyber dangers by encrypting your files. The tool also ensures that numerous data regulations are followed, as well as providing a full audit trail that reveals file usage histories.

File restoration: If something goes wrong with your document system, such as viruses or technological issues, you can easily download a backup copy from Dropbox and resume working where you left off, reducing the amount of time lost due to data loss.

Collaborate: By allowing users to exchange data with absolutely anyone, the file-sharing program encourages comprehensive collaboration. By putting small to large files into the system and then sharing a link, you can share them with coworkers. Set passwords and customize how long documents are stored to protect your information.

Nimbus Notes

Nimbus Note is a digital document management system that allows users to keep all of their files in one location. It comes with a set of collaboration tools that can be used by all team members. Small business owners, in particular, have implemented the software to keep track of their documents.

Nimbus Notes features include:

Collaboration tools - Any file can be edited by an almost infinite number of people at the same time. Nimbus organizes each change into a queue, ensuring that no two individuals are making overlapping changes.

Mobile access - Nimbus is natively compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms. A standalone Windows version is also available, as well as a browser-based interface that can be accessed from any device.

Task management - Because Nimbus includes a built-in recurring task management dashboard, employees will always know which tasks require immediate attention.

Document authoring - Using the app's onboard toolbox, users can easily create notes, docs, wikis, spreadsheets, and much more. They can also upload files from a desktop publishing program or another internet site.

Annotation - Users can add annotations and comments to documents once they've been saved in Nimbus' DMS platform. Other editors can then look over their comments and make any required changes.


Huddle is a complete document management software (DMS) solution that enables you to interact with colleagues to increase productivity. A central dashboard serves as a reliable file sharing platform, with a useful file request feature that lets you allocate jobs to different departments and teams. With a sophisticated security toolset and in-depth version control features, it also enables a secure workflow. Huddle is offered as SaaS or for installation for Windows and Mac devices. It's also compatible with Android and iOS devices, allowing you to work on the go.

Huddle features include:

Collaboration software  - The system encourages collaboration by allowing users to leave comments on files in your infrastructure; this allows team members to contribute to essential work and help your organization achieve its short and long-term objectives.

File sharing - Huddle is a file sharing platform that allows you to securely share files with internal staff as well as external users like clients and business partners. You can ensure user security by assigning roles and permissions to provide employees access to critical sections of the business using the online document management system.

Secure DMS - With a sophisticated security toolbox, Huddle ensures that your work environment remains safe. It encrypts your data in transit and at rest, preventing anyone without a specific decryption key from accessing your work.


Lumin is a comprehensive PDF solution for document editing and cloud collaboration, all in an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Our software integrates with Google Drive for real-time editing and gives users the freedom to annotate, copy, split, merge, convert, and compress PDFs. Lumin operates with desktop and mobile devices, meaning you can take advantage of all the advanced editing features even if you’re on the go. We’ve also increased security with multiple layers, role-based permission and heightened authentication requirements, so you can be confident your documents will always remain secure.

Features of Lumin include:

Annotation tools - Do it all with Lumin. Draw, highlight, add shapes, images, signatures and more on any PDF document. All from your browser, desktop, or mobile app.

Collaboration - It’s never been easier to collaborate with your team on any document. Simply comment and tag them in your PDF and they’ll receive a notification.

Real-time sync - All your edits will be made in real-time and integrated with the cloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or Lumin Storage. Never worry about hitting save again.

Top level security - Lumin has intensified authentication requirements and narrowed access controls to limit the risk of any internal breach. Lumin now uses secure session tokens which protect the contents of the database, as well as tightened link-sharing processes.

To get a free Lumin trial, click here.

Top offline collaboration tools

The offline collaboration tool you select will depend on your company’s individual needs. The solutions we've listed are all simple to use and adhere to all of the necessary security requirements, making them ideal for offline collaboration.

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