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The top 5 free eSignature tools for 2024


Luke Houghton


Apr 15, 2024


Digital Signatures

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The top 5 free eSignature tools for 2024

So you’re looking for a signature generator, but unsure where to start. We're diving into the top 5 free eSignature tools – because who doesn’t love a freebie?

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The tools:

  • 1. DocuSign

  • 2. Xodo Sign

  • 3. Lumin Sign

  • 4. Signaturely

  • 5. SmallPDF

  • 1. DocuSign
  • 2. Xodo Sign
  • 3. Lumin Sign
  • 4. Signaturely
  • 5. SmallPDF

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You’ve downloaded a PDF that requires a signature. 

Your household printer has called it quits.

Mike from the office mentioned something called a signature generator tool for signing online. 

And now you’re here. 

You’ve come to the right place, as today we’re covering the top 5 free eSignature tools. 

Yes. Free. You heard that right.

With the competition in the digital signature arena heating up, it can be hard to decide which tool to go with. We’ve done the hard work so you can decide which free option is the best for you.


DocuSign is the oldest and biggest kid on the block and has seen a signature or a billion. That's no exaggeration; it's the most widely used of the eSignature tools, with over 1 billion users. 

DocuSign was once solely focused on eSignature but has now become a complete document collaboration system. It has premium features designed for larger businesses and enterprises, but - that’s not you. You’re here to sign stuff.

Its free version allows 3 legally binding and secure signatures to be sent. Only the basic signature function is available – but that’s all you need right now.

Xodo Sign

Once called Eversign, freshly rebranded Xodo Sign is a collaborative signature generator tool for anyone requiring a digital signature. Business owners, freelancers and even your non-tech savvy aunt. 

The tool is very easy to use with their send, sign and manage process. Simply upload a document, declare signers and recipients, send it to the parties for signing and then manage the document from your Xodo account. 

Their free plan, Xodo Sign Lite allows 5 simple eSignature to be applied to any document per month.

Lumin Sign

Constant follow-ups up on unsigned client contracts can be a nightmare. Why don’t you automate it?

Lumin Sign is a multifaceted new signature workflow tool that gets client-facing work done faster. The software allows you to send signature requests, negotiate terms and track contracts on their journey – all from one place.

Best of all, its free version is better than any other offer on the market. Collaborative workflow features from other providers usually cost the big bucks. With Lumin Sign, you can send 5 workflow contracts per month which include legally compliant signatures, fillable fields and due dates. Now that’s a freebie.

Lumin Sign’s sister product, Lumin, is one of the original PDF editors; it can be used for contracts that need tweaks and edits before sending. Lumin and Lumin Sign work harmoniously as a full loop system (and yes, they are both FREE).


Signaturely is the most simple signature generator of the bunch. Upload a document, press a button and hey presto: you have a legally binding eSignature. Their promise is to make the process as easy as possible for their users.

The premium version of the tool comes with time-saving templates, automatic reminders and can integrate with crowd favorites - Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. Aimed at individuals and smaller businesses, Signaturely lacks the advanced features required by behemoth enterprises. 

Their free plan allows 1 signature to be sent per month before upgrading to their premium plans. 


Small PDF makes signing your documents super easy. The first thing you’ll see when you hit “Sign” at the top is a section to upload a document for signing. A few clicks and you’re done. Talk about barely lifting a finger!

The free version of the software generously offers signatures as well as tools like files converters and compressors, plus some basic annotation tools.

If you’re a graphic designer or photographer that works with PDFs often, this is the option for you. You’ll be able to create two free signatures per day, but you can also try out their eSign app totally unrestricted with a 7 day free trial.

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