Built entirely for the cloud, Google Workspace runs right in your web browser.

Sep 21, 2022

Migrating to Google Workspace: How your business or organization will benefit


In the age of remote working and focus on productivity, organizations need to adopt tools to help staff do their best work.

Businesses or institutions that rely on Microsoft Office are like people who refuse to use a smartphone. They’re just making life harder for themselves and everyone they associate with. While they’re stuck in the past, everybody else has moved to a faster, more efficient, easier way of doing things. Do you still have a fax machine running somewhere in the office too? Dial-up internet perhaps?

In the age of remote working and prolific productivity, businesses and other organizations need to adopt tools that will help staff do their best work. They need to be fast and easy to use while supporting collaboration across a wide variety of users. For everyone not using Microsoft products, for example, accessing Office files or converting them to a more usable format is just plain annoying.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution! You can easily access and edit all your files and documents anytime, anywhere, with Google Workspace.

What is Google Workspace?

Previously known as G Suite, Google Workspace is what organizations use when they want to get things right the first time. It’s also what older organizations end up using when they realize there’s a better alternative to Microsoft Office 365. Built entirely for the cloud, Google Workspace runs right in your web browser. It contains everything you need for file and document management, and is accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Selecting Google Workspace on a tablet device for access on the go.

No more
having to download programs or files before you can use them. 
No more “I wish I could do that from my phone”. 
No more “I can’t open that type of document”. 

Give your team access to the system they deserve and see the benefits for yourself!

Google Workspace apps v. Microsoft 365 programs

“But does it have … ?” 

Before you ask, the answer is probably YES. Google Workspace features a large suite of apps that perform the same functions as Office – just faster and easier. Here’s a list of Google Workspace apps and the Microsoft programs they’ve replaced.

Other Google apps:

  • Classroom – Create classes, distribute assignments, and easily communicate with students online.
  • Jamboard – Your collaborative digital whiteboard.
  • Forms – Generate custom surveys and forms for people to fill out. Exports data automatically into a sheet.
  • Sites – Build basic websites without any programming or design skills.
  • Cloud Search – Find everything you need. All your documents are searchable no matter how they’re organized and filed away.
  • Apps Script – Develop custom solutions that integrate automatically with Google Workspace.

All the tools listed above are included in Google Workspace, but there are many other apps available as well. Google Workspace Marketplace is an entire library full of hundreds of apps designed to integrate with Google products. From remote working tools to productivity enhancers – if you can think of a problem, there’s an app solution.

Using Google Workspace apps on the go.

How Lumin integrates with Google Workspace

Need an app to help you edit, share or collaborate on PDFs? That’s where Lumin comes in. We built Lumin to work seamlessly with Google Workspace, with a similar design and familiar layout to help with ease of use. With just a couple of clicks, you can add Lumin as an extension to Google Workspace.

“There are times when I have to work with a PDF and the first thing I think of is Lumin because it’s what I feel most comfortable with.”Justin Sargeant, Emporia High School

How exactly can Lumin help with PDFs?

  • View and edit – Read and change PDFs for free in Google Drive with Lumin PDF.
  • eSignatures – Sign documents from anywhere with digital eSignatures.
  • Forms – Add fillable form fields to PDFs.
  • Merge – Combine multiple files into one PDF.
  • Collaborate – Share your documents and work together on the same PDF.
  • Annotate – Comment on PDFs and add notes, shapes, images, and more.
  • Convert – Turn Word, Excel, Powerpoint, JPG, and other files into PDF format.
  • Unlock – Gain access to password-protected PDFs instantly.
  • Split – Extract pages and move content as you see fit.
  • OCR – Optical character recognition (OCR) makes document text digital, scannable, and searchable.
  • Compress – Shrink large files into small PDFs for easy delivery.

How long does it take to migrate to Google Workspace?

Generally speaking, the smaller your organization, the quicker a migration will be. The time it takes to move across to Google Workspace will depend on things like:

  • Number of users
  • Amount of data to transfer
  • Server and network performance

How to migrate from Microsoft Office to Google Workspace

Migrating to Google Workspace is easy! Google even provides some straightforward guides to help you get started. First things first though, you’ll have to start a free trial.

Work smarter, not harder! Google Workspace has been set up specifically to take advantage of the latest technology and encourage modern ways of working. Eliminate inefficiency, get work done faster, and make life easier – not just for yourself, but for everyone you work with too. They’ll thank you for it!

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